Board of Directors

Elected Officers

Superintendent Bob Shreve
Assistant Superintendent John Shields
Secretary Bruce Knapp
Treasurer Frank Koch

The Oil Can

Dave Puthoff, Editor

Division Trustees

Bobby Adams Roy Hord
Peter Weiglin Merlyn Jarman
Randy Kerka Jim MacKnight
John Burchnall Dave Read
Rick Crumrine Mike Brestel

Committee Chairs

Achievement Program
Frank Koch
Randy Kerka
Company Store
Paul Musselman
Monthly Raffle
Russ Poynter
Community Service
Jim MacKnight
Special Projects
Dick White
Division Booth
Brad Bove
Spring Flea Market
Peter Weiglin
Fall Show
Rick Crumrine
Car Projects
Jim MacKnight
Monthly Contest
Brad Jonas
Modeler's Aid
Pat Homan
Peter Weiglin
Layout Operations
Rick Stern
Video Library
Kevin Orcutt
John Burchnall
John Burchnall
Merlyn Jarman






Signal Bridge

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