Community Service

Library book donations

The Board of Directors of Division 7 approves funding, enabling our Community Service Team to continue donating books on various model railroading subjects to Greater Cincinnati area libraries. This has been a continuing program to make model railroading reference materials available to the public. Since 2000, more than 520 books have been donated to libraries in Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky through this program, enabling more people to have access to "how-to" publications about the subject of model railroading.

Boy Scouts' Railroading Merit Badge

From 1995 to about 2018, a few dedicated volunteers from Division 7 served as Merit Badge Counselors for the Railroading Merit Badge, as part of annual Merit Badge Fairs conducted by the Boy Scout Council at both Fairfield and Sycamore High Schools. The NMRA is no longer permitted to organize, lead or coordinate these activities. We encourage those wishing to independently help to approach the Boy Scout leadership and volunteer your services accordingly.





Signal Bridge

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