Cincinnati Express

Mid Central Region Convention
May 17-20, 2018

Thank You Everyone!

Cincinnati Express was a huge success due to wonderful attractions, tons of planning, a superb hotel and fantastic attendees! Thanks to everyone for making it a convention to remember. We hope you all had a great time in the Queen City and enjoyed the layouts, clinics, tours, events and fellowship.

Thanks to all of you that came, and all of you that welcomed our many in and out of region visitors. We hope to see all of you next year as we renew old friendships and make new ones in Boardman, Ohio when Division 1 hosts the 2019 MCR convention.

Final Report

The final reports have now been written and distributed. Per the links below, there are 6 report files, all in pdf format, including 2 versions of the report (one brief and one comprehensive), plus 4 attachments for planning and design reference.

Importantly, included in the full report is an analysis of the demographics as well as a post-event electronic survey we conducted to try to determine why we had such huge attendance. We expected there could be many reasons, including planning/design, layouts/attractions, team, hotel, relatively low registration fee, publicity/transparency and execution. Look through the report to see what we discovered.

Brief Report - 1 page plus photos
Full Final Report
- including attendance analysis
Publicity Slides - final version
Space Needs & Diagrams - hotel & EnterTRAINment Junc.
Program/Timetable - excluding front & back covers
Final Registration Package

Abundant Layouts

Cincinnati Div 7 is blessed with a large number of quality layouts. 67 were open for this convention, spread across all 4 days, including 12 on special Great Model Railroad mini bus tours, 4 at the hotel, 5 at nearby EnterTrainment Junction and 5 at a "permanent" local school arrangement. 21 of these layouts were open for guest operating sessions, across all 4 days. 35 of the 67 layouts have been published, several more than once. Two prominent layouts were featured on our Thursday afternoon early bird special open house. See the Layouts & Clubs tab for photo collages of most of the layouts.

Shirts and Car Kits

Our HO scale convention car kit is 4 versions of the new Accurail 36' Box Car painted in MVRR and V&O schemes designed and authorized by W. Allen McClelland. We also have some convention shirts still available for sale. See the Company Store tab as well as the Car Projects tab.

Email Contacts

Chair Rick Crumrine
Vice Chair, Tours & Layouts John Burchnall
Registrar Roy Hord
Rail Clinics Mike Brestel
Non-Rail Chair Linda Kerka
Volunteers & Publicity Randy Kerka
Company Store Paul Musselman
White Elephant Sale Frank Koch
Contest Brad Jonas




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