Cincinnati’s Division 7, MCR, NMRA

announces our latest car project!

Wheeling & Lake Erie AAR 70 ton,

offset-side, 3-bay hopper cars

W & LE Hopper Car

The Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway (W&LE) took delivery of 3,000 steel, 70 ton, offset-side, triple hopper cars in late 1947 and 1948.   These cars were a 1936 AAR design, updated to 1941 standards, with most cars built after the end of WWII.   Greenville Steel Car Co. built the first 1,000 cars (78000-78999) and Ralston Steel Car Co. built another 2,000 cars (79000-80999).   In 1949, the Nickel Plate Road took control of the W&LE, and all cars were subsequently leased to the NKP.   Cars began to be repainted for the NKP, but retained their W&LE car numbers.   By January of 1952, 557 cars had been repainted to NKP lettering, and 2,440 remained in their original W&LE paint scheme.   The 1953 ORER lists 1,839 of these cars under the W&LE, while 1,158 cars were listed under the NKP.   By April of 1960, 2,938 cars had been repainted to NKP lettering, and only 46 cars remained with their original W&LE lettering.   Three of our four cars are substantiated by photographs in the W&LE paint scheme.

This car project utilizes Accurail’s 7500 series hopper car, painted black with white lettering.   The kit includes Accurail’s AAR cast steel trucks, an Equipco brake wheel, and Accurail couplers.   It also features brake system components with piping and levers, slope sheet end braces, fine stirrup steps, interior details, and hidden weights.

Four car numbers are available:       78952, 79240, 79897 and 80829

Prices:    $15.00 per car, with a four-car set for $56.00 
Shipping (USPS Priority Mail): $5.00 for one car, $6.00 for two to four cars

Ohio Residents must include 6.5% state sales tax on the total price, including shipping charge

Order from: Division 7, MCR, NMRA,   P.O. Box 62501, Cincinnati, OH  45241      










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